Overall app design question

I’m in the process of tackling my first MVP app on bubble and I had a couple questions about overall design. How do you decide on a stateless design versus multiple pages or when to use both? I’m building a posting board for events. I have been looking at the zeroqode templates, Eventy, and Gigster. My idea will incorporate elements from both and I’m just trying to figure out the fastest and simplest way to execute this MVP. I have built out my database on a spread sheet first. I’m trying to figure out if I should build reusable header/footer with multiple views for different devices, build this on the index first so I can then clone to the other pages that will host the features. If anyone has any tips on the best way to execute something like this I would greatly appreciate some direction.

in general more pages with few things per page is optimal for loading speed.
so instead of having 10 groups where 9 of 10 are always hidden, have 10 pages. (Especially if the groups have groups within the groups with lots of elements).

reusable elements: use them a lot, they also make bubble faster. A good way to make them mobile and desktop compatible is they are just 1-3 icons in a small group. If that icon is clicked, popups open such as for login/content creation/forgot password etc. Popups are easy to make responsive.

Having responsive pages vs going for a separate mobile page: If the page has a certain complexity (eg multiple filters or display options for data) then I would go for separate mobile pages, otherwise responsive.

hope that helps.
i have a youtube video on something similar to this if you want more info.

Thank you for the response! Yeah it makes sense and has helped me. I have a programming background so I gravitate toward KISS which for me I would use as many reusable elements as possible and then start with the mobile/desktop functionality of the index page and then just clone that to my different pages that offer the different functionality of the app. Do you have a link for that YouTube video, would love to check it out.