Is this possible? HTML site from a generator


As a UX designer I work a lot in apps like Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD. Lately a lot of good tools to convert those files in to HTML, CSS and JS have sprung up and I were wondering if I should build a plugin to get that imported into a Bubble project for easy use. But my question is if this already is out there or if it’s easy to do in Bubble right now? Maybe I overlooked something :slight_smile:

Some tools to generate code that I like:

Bubble is working on a feature that imports Figma designs, but we don’t know the details about how will that work and when it will see the light of day.

For general HTML and CSS, it would be possible, but just would be a major effort and we would need to have a clear and well defined problem to solve else we wouldn’t know what to pursue.

Well, let’s say we would choose one of the providers above. We would always know how they generate HTML, don’t you think we could solve it like that?

Ah yes, I meant problem in the business logic side of things, in another words, the benefit of doing this over the alternatives, for example using templates, normal design using Bubble elements and others.

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True, and also with the upcoming Figma import I guess it’s not much use for this.