Is this possible in Bubble? Generating a report by comparing 2 databases


I’ve been trying to work on an app that will generate a report of rides that a guest would be able to ride based off requirements for the ride. I mocked up a simple guest requirements and ride requirements just for an example in the picture above.

I’m very new to bubble and haven’t been able to locate a way to have one individual Guest data row compare itself to all the rows in ride data and display the ride name if it all matches (or is greater than) all the columns in the specific ride’s data.

Is this possible in bubble? I might be too much of a beginner to have this work, but we initially have been using Microsoft Access to compile this list, but the file has been corrupted and we are trying to phase it out to use bubble.

If it is, does anyone know of a good guide that will help me get started? I have searched over the forums, Google, Youtube and purchased 2 classes on Udemy for bubble instruction, but haven’t been able to grasp my head around it.

Thank You!

That db scheme needs to be deleted and restarted in a excel file with fields and tables. Then you can show rides that the user selected meets