Evaluating two sets of data

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Not sure if “Database” is the right place of this question, but thought I’d just give it a shot.

I want to evaluate two sets of data records and then generate a third sets of data record based on the result.

For example:

I have two list on my hands. One is the price changes of ketchup for the last 12 months. The other is the price changes of ketchup chip for the last 12 months. Those are my two sets of data records.

I want to compare the list and every month where the price change of ketchup is negative, but the price change for the ketchup chip is positive, I record that month’s price change of the chip on a third data record.

Anyone has any idea if that can be achieved via Bubble natively, or would require some sort of a plug in?

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This work you are considering can be done with bubble, but if you want to do it directly in the database, it will use a lot of resources. :money_with_wings:

You can split the process. For example, first calculate the monthly changes for each separately and then compare and save them.

Important point: The best solution for such problems is chosen according to various factors and the goals, details and other aspects must be clear.

This is a general method, if this process has a lot of repetition and is one of the main processes of the app, you must provide me with complete and comprehensive explanations so that I can guide you in the best way.

As, i understand you are trying to watch a field on two different product what same time line ( month)

If one is down and order is up, you want to save it inside another dtabase.

Yes this can be done easily.

If you trying to save jsut create the 3rd database entity i suggest useing backend.

Hi @NoCodeDataArtisan,

Thanks for the response. Would you be able to be more specific with the answer?

To add some context, the “Price change of Ketchum” and “Price change of Chip” is already a data column in the database so they are already calculated. But what Bubble operator do you use to compare?

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Is it possible for me to have access to the editor?