Is this possible in the new responsive engine

I’m trying to lock half the screen vertically in place (i was thinking maybe a floating group) and have the other half scroll, but i’m not sure if there’s a way to pull this off without maybe some custom styling? (also has to work on mobile)

The yellow boxes should be locked in place (top bar is already done, ez)

The green group should be able to scroll up and down almost like a repeating group does (but it’s a series of input forms and idk if that’s the best way to go about building it?)

This is quite straightforward- think of each piece you have outlined as a group: you have a row on top, and then 2 columns togethetlr as a row beneath it. Each group can have its own height, overflow, and scroll details separate from the others so you’ll have no problem doing this in Bubble.

So i can set the right-hand column (the geen box) to have a max-height, and allow scrolling when element overflows, but that will only scroll if the mouse is hovering over that specifc element (the cursor has to be on top that column for it to scroll)

  • I’d like the entire page to scroll, with only that column moving, and everything else staying locked in place if that makes sense (instead of having 2 scroll bars: one on the browser and another the column, there’s just 1 on the browser as usual)

In theory, yes that’s possible. Since it’s a relatively simple layout I recommend building it as a wireframe in Bubble with dummy data just to get familiar with the responsiveness tools and ensure your approach to this use case.