Is this possible to do this with If yes, where can I hire the best bubble devs?

Idea: I need an app that let’s entrepreneurs add data about their companies (data that changes - like monthly sales, app installs), so that investors can reach out to businesses that interest them (filtering down by the data - like growth 40$ Month on month or quarter on quarter).

Is Bubble suited for such applications? If the answer is yes, can you also help me where can i post to get developer interest for this?

Definitely possible with Bubble. Check out for a list of better companies you can reach out to.

Thankyou for the quick and helpful reply, Andrew. I will look at the recommended agencies. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @adram,
Yes you can do this with bubble and I highly recommend AirDev.
It is the first company on the agencies list that Andrew pointed you to.