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Hi All,
We currently use a CRM/Ops platform for my small home services company - however, their proposal feature is just ugly and not mobile responsive. I created an idea using google slides, the video of which is posted here. As an MVP, I was thinking a form or spreadsheet, we could enter the customer’s email, pricing for each service and which options we want them to see and how much. Then a unique link would be produced and we could send them an email with said link so they could go through the process. Once they decline or accept (and sign) - we get a notification and we can (for now) go enter them into our actual CRM manually. Here’s an example of the possible flow that I made using google slides and screen capturing it…

You can create this application 100% through Bubble.

If you are in need of direct assistance or guidance, let me know via DM, or I can point you to some tutorials.

Appreciate the reply! I would really appreciate any help. Is this a difficult project or something I can use an existing template for? Any tutorials you recommend and what would you recommend? Thanks so much. You can DM me, I don’t have that ability yet to send them out.

Yep for sure possible. I found templates were annoying because they always want you to pay for the full version, or they are really limited, etc. Best to just start from scratch to practice and learn how the Bubble editor works.

My advice is if you have a task like “show a list of all customers and let me pick one to create a new quote” don’t try and google that because no one will have a specific tutorial. Instead just watch tutorials on a similar concept and translate that to your specific use-case.

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