Can anyone confirm that can be used to build and host this project as a SAAS platform?

I want to use to develop a crm specifically for recruiting real estate agents. We think we will start with one of the crm templates on their website and customize from there. We need it to do sms texting, and also work with preferably ScheduleOnce/Oncehub for contacts to book their own meetings…and also to sync to Google Calendar. And it needs to be completely mobile friendly for all functions.

Please keeping in mind that phase II will include rolling it out as a SAAS platform …multiple organizations, multiple and limited users per organization. Along with charging payments monthly for software services.

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The short answer is “yes”, all of the above can be done. I would say though that if it is your first app, start simpler. CRMs are complex, multi tenancy is complex, so if you feel that you need to start with a template and “tweak from there”, I think you will hit a wall quickly.

My advice: Make some small projects. A to-do app, a calendar/booking app etc. Follow some tutorials, build from there and advance to create your dream app where you combine all the skills you accumulate from the smaller apps.


Thanks simon. Your info is useful for me .

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