Is this slideout menu possible?

I would like to make a reusable sidebar menu like the one shown in the video.

The simple way to create this animation would be to use Bubble’s “animation” for SlideInBigRight. It’s not quite the same in that it’d likely slide in on top of the left bar, and it also fades in while sliding right. You might find a workaround for these two nuances (e.g., maybe make the left bar z-index very big).

Alternatively, if you want something that’s closer to this and you’re willing to spend more time and/or money, then you could probably find an opensource version of this animation somewhere online and then either run it with custom JS in Bubble or create a plugin that enables you (and others) to use it.

Thanks, Scott. I’m looking to work within the existing functionality of Bubble and I figured it out. I was using a Focus Group, but setting its relationship to the wrong element.

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