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Hello everyone!!

I created my own slide menu using the slide menu plugin as the icon and groups as the main menu since the slider menu plugin has no submenus.

I animated the different sub sections and it works well with one small glitch. Once the menu is clicked and it slides out, it stays on the page. I need it to slide out after a click on the page or after a few seconds and i do not know how to achieve this i really need any help i can get.

i recreated it below

Hi everyone again! Please any help is appreciated. Anything!!! Please help

Hey @adunniola :slight_smile: Right now, you have one workflow action for the slideshow element which shows it:

To make sure it only becomes visible when it is not being shown, I changed the workflow to be “When Group Slide is clicked and Grp Menu isn’t visible” → Animate Grp Menu: SlideLeftBigIn:

Then to have the group slide out and become hidden when the Menu icon is clicked again, the workflow would be “When Group Slide is clicked and Grp Menu is visible” → Animate Grp Menu: SlideLeftBigOut:

That should work! :slight_smile:

You are a superstar!!! I just tried it and it works perfectly!!! Oh Thank you Thank you so much!!!

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