Is this type of feature possible in bubble

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 09.07.48
I want to make a similar feature to the one displayed above. So lets say there are six members in a group, I want the first three members profile pictures to be displayed similarly to way it is done in the screenshot , and the in this case because there are six people in the group, a +3 icon besides the three profile pictures.

Yes it is possible

How would i make such a feature, i mean to display the profile pictures isn’t that har but to display +the rest of the members in numbers. How would I do that, because besides those three, there could bee anther ten member or another five

when members:count is > 3 format as text:

+ members:count - 3

I am guessing that is going to be integrated as a condition and not as insert dynamic data in to a text element

Just get the count and show first three results, show +(count -3)