How to have "+2", "+3" etc. when limiting items visible in Repeating Group


How would I go about having the +3 on this image show up:

Medium Card

This is only when there are too many items to show in that one row.

That’s it. Thanks!

You could do a count of all things in the table, minus the amount shown in the table, and this number is the result - would something like that work for you?


Hey, coming back to this… How do you know the amount shown in the table?

Please note that this example is related specifically to the Repeating Group element (i.e. ‘RG’). If you’ve specifically used the table element, I don’t know that this would work. I used a plugin called BDK RepeatingGroup Tools which is incredibly helpful, I’ve found lots of use cases:

You place an Extractor element in the repeating group’s first cell. In it’s settings, the field ‘Extractor Name’, give it a name - the name itself isn’t important, just as long as you use the same exact name in the Data element we’re setting next (I used the word ‘extract’).

Next, I drag the Data element anywhere outside the RG. Again, I use the same Extractor name I used in the Extractor, and set Column 1 data type to whatever the ‘thing’ in the RG is. Under ‘Limit to Max’ I just do a count again (RG’s list of Things: Count).

Now for the display element (the number of things not seen) - to start, your text element’s dynamic data should begin something like this (note that I have the parenthesis turned on):

Repeating group's List of Things: Count

This will give you a count of the total number of items in the RG, visible and even those not yet loaded. Second, add a subtract ( - ), and the element you’re subtracting is RGdata A's Column 1 List: Count . Now the entire formula will read:

(Repeating Group's List of Things: Count - (RGData A's Column 1 List: Count) )

How it looks in my app:

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