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Issue checker overhaul (for users using issues_off=true)

So we pushed a few days ago a major update to how we check apps which should make it scalable on big apps (which was a pretty big pain points for users with many pages).

For most of you this won’t change anything (and you can stop reading here :slight_smile: ) but for the users that have been using issues_off=true for a while now, you should be able to turn the issue checker back on. Two things:

  1. instead of using “issues_off=true”, make it “issues_off=false
  2. the first few times you’ll load your app that way the initialization work will happen, which may slow down the app. Best is to open the editor and then go for lunch or a nap… If your app is really big, it may crash the browser after 10 min or so and you should reload the page, but the good news is that once you’re done with this migration process, you’ll be good to go and should have a good experience with the issue checker no matter how big your app is.

If it’s still slow after a few days let us know and we’ll look at why that is. Based on our testing it’s been fine on the big apps we know about, but nothing is better than real-life testing.