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Please allow 'disable issue checking' as a setting


The recommendation for slow app editor is to append &issues_off=true to pages.

Can you please put a ‘setting’ in the settings page of the Editor that enables us to make this the default (so that we don’t have to keep manually adding this to each page load)?

Thank you,

You shouldn’t have to use this any more (and we’ll disable the flag in the URL at some point as the issue checker is now scalable for bigger apps). What is your problem with it?

Well, previously the app editor was running GREAT - super fast even for big pages. Now the app editor is horribly slow - unusable and I thought of filing a bug report but decided to ride it out, see if it is temporary, and use the disable issue checking in the meantime.

So, when using the disable issue checking method to get the app editor running, the app still routinely crashes (hangs indefinitely until I close it). Meaning I then have to shut down the browser and start over. Which then loads the pages without the disable issue checking.

I’d like to avoid this and just be able to set it to ‘disable’ by default. Maybe I should just file a bug report but even if I do I need to keep working which is why I’d like the disable issue checking option by default.


Are you using Google Chrome? A lot of us have been noticing issues with it. I’ve switched to Firefox for now. Not sure if one of the updates to Chrome caused it or something else. It’s hard to tell nowadays with the continuous browser updates.

Hi - Using Safari. No changes on my end - no recent software or browser updates. Worked well before, not now.

PS - thanks for the tip, though.


We can’t really tell without a specific situation. Please file a bug report with a way to reproduce the slowness.

Silly question, but do you have any “issues” in the app? I’ve noticed when I have an app with some bad logic, and preview it, it hangs in the preview, which locks up my editor. Might be a stretch to relate it to your problem, but thought I’d throw it out there.

Thanks for the tip. But no, ‘issues’ in the app are not the issue.

I’ll file a bug report. But, Emmanuel, I was really looking for a way to set the editor to disable issue checking without doing so manually.


It’s even better if we can fix the issue.

I hope I’ll still be able to disable the issue checker. Improvement has been huge (euphemism) this summer, but I do appreciate to speed up the Bubble App disabling it.

Thanks to the Bubble team for fixing my Bubble app (VERY quickly after I filed the bug report)!


Can you share what the issue was? Feels like something important happened and now I’m out of the loop!

Don’t know - you’ll have to ask the Bubble team.


It’s an optimization fix we did, not something you’d do yourself. But this not for a given app, it’s for every app.

Great! That’s good enough for me. I was just curious if it was something a user could’ve done, and wanted to avoid doing that thing :slight_smile:

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