Issue displaying image in repeating group from another table

Hi Everyone,

I’m having trouble displaying an image in a repeating group and think group content type/data sources may be incorrect but I can’t seem to figure it out, please can anyone help?

I have 2 tables, 1 for users and 1 for clock in (This will be for a fire register) so when user account is created the user is automatically added to the check_in table as well.

The user table has name, email & photo, the clock_in table has name, email and ‘clocked_in’ (which has building names in an options list). The idea is when the user signs in they can specify if they are in 1 of the buildings which will be used as a register check if there’s a fire drill etc.

I have the name & email displaying in the repeating group which gets this from the clock_in table, but the picture will be taken from the user table which uses a search for the email. By default the repeating group shows people in ‘Building 1’ but I’ll get this dynamically later from a value stored in the fire marshals profile depending what building they monitor.

Please can anyone advise where I’m going wrong? I don’t just want to add the photo to the check_in table or add the check_in details to the user table for various reasons but I’ll also take what I learn from this to apply in other parts of my app later with other planned tables.

Many Thanks

OK, bear with me on this.

Are you sure you are getting the User record in the first place? Your search should be something like "search for user where email ID = parent group’s email ID.

You may want to try displaying a different value from your User table other than the photo, just to make sure you are getting the correct user row.

Also (this is a dumb point, but should be mentioned anyway) make sure you are using Image visual element to display the photo. I am also assuming that the photo is stored in a data field of type “image”.

Sorry if this all sounds like “duh”-level stuff, but when I have a problem like this I usually start from square one just to be sure I check all the basic stuff before I start getting into more esoteric things to investigate.

Hi @firstfifteensoftware

Thanks for these suggestions, turns out everything was setup just fine but it was something ‘duh level’ and something I previously had a problem with but it didn’t cross my mind this time, the permissions on the user table we’re not setup to correctly allow the user to see this info.
I should really start to check these permissions more often as I’m going to rely on this way more frequently as I build out the app

Thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated

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