Repeating Group - how to show individual list item elements

To all,

I’m attempting to replicate a Trello UI aspect where when multiple users are assigned to a card, a list of User Photos are displayed.

I have a Follow-Up Table with
Assigned To : List of Users

I have a User Table that has a User Photo.

I’ve already added the ability to add users to the list on the Follow-up table.

I created a repeating group configured as the following:

My image control has the following.

When I have one image, it returns it correctly. When I have multiples in the list, I see nothing. My search skills are failing me this morning so what am I doing wrong?

All help appreciated.


For what I understand from your description (English is not my primary), perhaps try to define the Type of content of the Repeating group as user, as it will display each user’s photo?


I’m guessing you have an image element inside the RG cell…

An image element can only display a single image (as you’ve discovered)…

It’s not entirely clear what you’re trying to do… but in your screenshot you’re currently only loading a single item (Follow-Up) into the RG (which kind of defeats the purpose of using a RG, which are generally used for loading and displaying lists of things)…

I’m guessing (from your screenshot) that your Follow-Up Assigned To field is a list of Users?..

And you’re trying to display that list of Users’ User photos?

In which case you’ll want to change the content type and datasource of your RG to User, and then display the current cell’s User’s User photo in the image element…

Here’s what I’m attempting to implement.

I have a repeating group that shows each follow-up, a la like Trello. This is the initial rough design.

So within the Follow-up RG above, I have a horizontal RG for Assigned Users, with the goal to show one image per cell. You can see it returns the image when there’s one.

In the Follow-Ups table, I have it configured as this.

Essentially, I’m not clear on how to link the list item number when there are multiple values in the list, to individual rows in the repeating group. Or I’m totally going in the wrong direction so I’m open to any and all direction.

@adamhholmes @guidomazzanti Does this make more sense? Thanks for your help!

Just use a second RG inside the first one, with a content type of User, and the datasource set to the current cell’s Follow-Up’s Follow-Up Assigned To.

Then put the image element inside the second RG, with the datasource as the current cell’s User’s User photo

@adamhholmes You rock! Ok, missed the User content type on the second RG. Worked like a charm. Thank you so much!

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