Issue finding an API call

Hello Team,

I’m making an API call that the remote API server is reporting as 2 calls. I have hunted high and low and cannot find the second call. Is there a way I can track it down?



Does the input go to a plugin element by chance?

Nope. No plugin involved (other than the API plugin)

Can you give more details on the api call and how it’s integrated in your app? Also, if you initialize from API Connector, does server see 2 calls too?

What I’m thinking is that your API call is related to data or input. A first call is made by Bubble and another one once the data is available or input has changed. (If you are using it as “data”)

Reinitializing the API connect yields only one call.

Weirdly, if I refresh the page I get 2 api calls, if I leave the page and then return I get 1 api call :expressionless:

somewhere in your workflows making it run twice.

My app sits in an iframe and I discovered that the iframe was loading twice which is why it only did it on page refresh. Sorted now.

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Technically sir, i answered it first sir, my reply should be mark as Solution :wink:

Not exactly. :slightly_smiling_face:
The iframe call was coming from outside of bubble :wink:

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Hahaha, I was trying to make you laugh sir, No offence :pray:

But if you do need help in the bubble, I would love to help you without any change: :smiley:

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