Two API calls for single "get data from external API"

Bubble is making 2 api calls for a single “get data from an external api” that has only one call defined in the API Connector (in DATA mode)? Same call using curl generates only a single call.

Switched API Connector from DATA to ACTION and this issue goes away.

Looks like a Bubble bug.

Are you sure there’s not a condition to make the call twice?
When you use DATA, any change in parameters will trigger a new call.
In some case, some data may take longer to load so the call is made more than 1 time. you can consider using a WF to set data or keep the group or RG that load data hidden until all parameters value are available

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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I’m 100% sure it was only a single reference to “get data from external API”. I tested it exhaustively until I gave up and switched to the ACTION type.

Watching this… :eyes:

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