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Issue in creating News Feed

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to create a news feed and there are currently 3 sample users in my app. I created a repeating group in my home page here:

I just want a user to see his/her following people’s posts in this group, which is why I kept:
Type: Post
Search for Posts
and in the constraints part: image=Current page user’s Following whom?‘s Posts’ Image

But any user is able to see all the images that anybody posted. Am I complicating things? is it simpler than this?

Please let me know!
Thanks :slight_smile:

just do a search and then filter it against a list of whom they are following


I think your constraint should be “Creator is in Current page User’s Following Whom?”

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Thank you both, its working now.

Some quick thoughts regarding filters…

I believe that filter works on data that has already been sent to the page (ie. there are 100 objects that match the search result, but only 50 pass through the filter. Given that, 100 objects are sent to the page, but only 50 are displayed. This means more data is sent to the page than is necessary). If creating a news feed, it may be better to avoid filters.

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