Repeating Group - Multiple Data Sources

I am making an Instagram/Facebook type of app. I have added a repeating group to show a feed of posts. In the dynamic selection area, I have selected “search for posts, created by = current user” and it works fine.

I choose to "search for posts, created by is in the current user’s list-following "(People who the user follows), and that works too.

But when i add these 2 both as separate “constraints” it doesn’t work. I’m sure I’m missing something somewhere.

Is there a way to make both posts by the user himself and the posts by the users who the user follows show in the same feed?

Maybe make all users follow themselves too?

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You can also use the “merge” option in the data source, to merge 2 searches (as I just learned from @mikeloc :slight_smile: )

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Yes, a post would have to meet both of those criteria to show up, it is an “and” condition, not “or”. You need to use merge to combine the 2 searches.

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Thanks much, will try that out.

Do a search for posts, then use the filter function to pass a list of the user’s following list, maybe.