Create a list of things from a single thing's Object field with multiple things in it


I know how to perform a scheduled backend workflow on a list of things and create a new thing for each.

The problem I have is that the api returns just a single thing.

I want to create a list of things from the returned objects field called “splits” that contains multiple splits each has 5 fields
average speed,
elevation difference

I can get the workflow to work if I select “first item” but when I change to “each item” it doesn’t work. I suppose this is because I have a conflict - I’m not performing the workflow on a list of things.

I’m sure there will be a solution for this but I would appreciate some help please from you experts! :slight_smile:

Screenshot what you have so far.

So as stated…

the thing I dont understand how to do, is to create the workflow to create / update A SPLIT OBJECT / DATABASE THING from an api response that returns 1 object with A FIELD WITHIN IT THAT IS A LIST OF SPLITS.

In your last screenshot on the “Schedule API workflow on a list” does it let you pick your “Type of things” as the same datatype as the returned data? Don’t pick your datatype you made, pick the PBST - Get DetailedActivity split_xxxxxxx (whichever one you want)

I’m trying to see if you can directly pass in the list, then inside that workflow that’s where you would do the “Create a thing” action and set each field

BINGO! Its working. the other change I made was when I was mapping the DB fields in the scheduled workflow I chose “this” pbst… as then its reffering to the individual items in the list

thanks for your guidance, its much appreciated!

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