Issue with Draggable Element Plugin

The post drop action is set to “hide” but the but it keeps moving back to initial position. What is wrong?
Screenshot 2022-10-04 225406

Hey @kendrickmiles2599 , is the drop zone set to intersect or fit? If, for example, it’s set to “fit” and you don’t fit the draggable group fully inside the drop zone, it’s not going to recognize it as a drop and just move the group back.

If it’s still not behaving – try recreating the draggable group. It’s possible something glitched, but the above setting is the only thing that jumps out at me that would cause this behavior.

Cheers, Gaby
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Hello Gaby. I have tried everything. I even uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled. Yet it didn’t work. The drop area is set to intersect. I switched back and forth ( fit and intersect) yet there wasn’t any difference.

I tried using another bubble account. Yet same issue. Kindly check on your end if it works. Thank You

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