Issue with floating group

I’m using a floating group as a navigation bar in the bottom of the page. But It’s not stuck in place, and trying to scroll down moves it up a bit. What do I have to do to get it to stay in place properly?

Set the floating group fixed/anchored to the bottom.
Then you’ll have to put the floating group at the top bottom of your page in the editor.

If it’s still not working provide a link to your editor with read rights.

It still behaves weirdly, here’s a link to it: .
It’s only mobile optimized, so you’ll have to either view on a phone or right click and inspect element, then toggle device toolbar (on the top left corner of the inspect element editor) and make the screen smaller

And the editor:

Unselect this so it can expend

Still behaves a little weird

Anyone? Still can’t figure this out

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