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To anyone who can help me,

I am currently in the process of developing a web application, however i have run into some issues. An issue that i’m facing is that i have a floating group that is acting as menu at the bottom of the page. However, when you put the app into full screen mode, it still floats where the original bottom page boundary was. This also occurs when you resize the page. Anyone know how to fix this? Grateful for any help. I have attached an image.

Could you add a screenshot of the floating groups settings so I could get a better understanding of whats going on please.

one moment

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Is this ok?

Set the float vertically relative to bottom and move the floating group to the very bottom of your editor screen. That should fix it.

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Thank you so much, that solved the problem and my app looks much smoother now.

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Not a problem, more than happy to help!

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