Issue with Google plugin

Hi there folks! I’m struggling to make the sign up with Google functionality work as expected. I’ve set everything both in my Google Developer console and in the Bubble’s Google plugin (API id and Secret), but when I click on the account I want to sign up with and the redirect occurs, I get the following message (after 5-10 seconds):

No user is created in the database by the way…Am I missing something?


Can you check in the browser console (right click, Inspect, Console) to see if there are any errors thrown?

What is in the redirect URL? There is sometimes (if you decode the URL) some error text.

Decode the whole redirect URL here…

The decoded redirect URL is as follows:

Bubble Application profile openid&authuser=1&prompt=consent

Regarding the browser console, the only error I can see is the next:

which appears when the Google consent screen is shown (before clicking the account I want to sign up with)

Thanks Nigel!