How do i use google login now?

I have no idea how to make the google login work, I don’t even know how to get the API and App Secret keys, Can someone help me?

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Add Bubble’s Google plugin and open it in the tab. Now go to Google developer console, and add the necessary information from the developer console into the plugin. Then use workflows to sign up/log in with Google. Please see the Bubble how to tutorials on how to implement these steps. You can also go to YouTube and search for “Bubble Social Google log in”

my problem is i don’t know how to really start when it comes to the google developer console

Do this tutorial step by step, it has everything you need:

well the thing is…uh…

this page changed from when that tutorial was uploaded…

changed the image, might wanna refresh page idk

Click the blue link that says credentials page, everything else remains the same.

it says my credentials need to verified or something like that

i only managed to get an api key, still can’t figure out how to get the app secret

Create an OAuth Client ID from by clicking +Create Credentials. When you create it, you will see the secret.

For the redirect URI, use

i have a problem…i can’t figure out the consent screen

The consent screen is what the user sees when they will click on sign-up with Google. Do not provide a logo else you will get stuck for weeks with verification. Give bare minimum information in the consent screen.

Only provide application name, support email, add the links at the bottom.

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Ok! I’ll reply back when i find a solution or when i have another problem.

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Ok, i created the consent info!

Let me test my site to see if it works, if it does, i will let you know, thanks for helping! :smiley:

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how do i fix this?

here’s what i have put in:

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In the Bubble plugin, there is a check box to the right of the url. That should be checked. It will say something like use generic redirect.


I checked your site, the sign up works now. It does take me to the Google consent screen. Woo hoo!


yeah i forgot to enable that lol