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Issue with merging results from Repeating Group

I have a repeating group with 3 scenarios and finding that the ‘merge’ is not giving the correct results. It appears that the result is displaying the data from the 3rd query/filter without combining from the 1st or 2nd

I have built a test page and prove that the individual query/filter work fine but the combination (as per image) only returns the result from the 3rd scenario.

Is the data source query correct, and if so do we have a bug?


The filter applies to the results to the left (so the previously merged data) not just the search.

So your last filter on the right will apply to ALL the results in the merged set.

Which may be why you are getting the results you are seeing .


That definitely explains the result set. Looks like I will have to create 3 invisible repeating groups and merge into 1.

Thanks for your help Nigel