Possible Bug for Sort of Merged Search?

I’m combining two searches into a repeating group with a merge. The goal is to combine the two searches and then sort by created date. I can run a sort on each individual search from the constraints view, but if I sort after combining both, it produces only the results of the second search. Is this expected behavior or a bug?

Here’s what the unsuccessful sort looks like:

From what I see, the likely case is that your sorted by operation is only applied to your second search, not the two searches combined together.

You may want to try using a :make static modifier followed by a :sorted modifier. (I may be wrong, long day :slight_smile: )

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Thanks for the recommendation!

By messing around some more with this, I realized that it’s not a sort problem. It’s more of a merge with unexpected functionality.

Also, I realized that due to my data structure, I actually need to be displaying a list of items from the database, not a search. I did try your recommendation but the problem persists.

I am able to get the end result that I want by loading each uniquely filtered list into two separate custom states, which are lists of the repeating group’s data type, and merging each in the repeating group’s data source. However, that still seems counter intuitive to me.

Why would a merge be possible using custom states but not directly in the repeating group’s data source? I would expect that I could get a filtered list’s results, then get another filtered list’s results and combine both sets of results into a new list from within the repeating group’s data source using the merge function. Instead, when combining directly, the first set of results gets dropped and I’m left with only the second filtered results.

Makes me wonder if this is intended functionality? @neerja

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