Issue with Stripe and having a free trial period

Hi everyone,

I’ve read across the forum and noticed this issue has come up in different forms but, failed to find one similar to mine so really hoping for some help.

I added a free trial period in the products section within my stripe but, this doesn’t seem to work anymore as it’s a ‘legacy’ feature. So, I went ahead and swapped the following step, Stripe (Test) - Create Checkout Session, workflow (which btw has a step to Open an external website, which is Step1’s url)…

With the following since it has a ‘trial period’ box (and doesn’t require the opening of an external website)

It works great when the Stripe dashboard opens up, it clearly states the Free Trial period but, now the backend workflow I’ve created to retrieve the customer’s details every time there’s a new subscription, doesn’t seem to work despite a successful webhook event. The workflow intends to capture the user’s Stripe details (Subscription ID, Subscription Item ID, Subscription plan - i.e., the Stripe ID beginning with ‘price_’) and it successfully did with the previous workflow…

My question, why is this happening? It would be great to use the second workflow, since it has a trial period box. Worth noting, in the second workflow, there is no box to enter the Current User’s Stripe_ID like we do in the first.

Would kindly appreciate any help. Many thanks in advance!!

Forget about using stripe to control your trials. Use your own workflows and data.

User activates free trial, you make an entry into db of the trial started date and a date at which the trial will end ex: current date time + 14 days.

After that, close off access to features and prompt user to subscribe.

Thanks @doug.burden! This is definitely an option, another one is to go into the Stripe dashboard and manually add a 14-day trial to every new subscription… Just, thought the whole Stripe/Bubble integration would be a lot simpler and more seamless, and if there’s an option to do it all via Stripe then that would make the UX marginally better.

But that way you are only asking them to add in their credit card after the trial, right? Is there a way to make them add the card as soon as they sign up and only charge after the trial has ended?