Stripe integration questions

I have been working on deploying my project, which has a single subscription model. I am having trouble working with coupons (2) and a variety of free trials (currently 3).

In the Bubble DB there is a table for auth codes - which I currently use to add a free trial to the create subscription action via the Bubble Stripe plugin. This works. It refers you to the Stripe checkout page and shows the trial duration, customized as I wanted. However, the user at this point still needs to input a coupon to get the discount. I would if possible, like to apply the coupon already if the code is associated with one. How do I apply a coupon to a new subscription?

Is there a way to initiate the subscription without a payment method if there is a free trial?

I also have some custom connections to the API done via the Api connector. In this I can open a portal session. One question I had here is that there is an area to input the development key value. I had the key value set to test and it worked. However, if I put the live in the key value part and lest the test key in the development key spot, it didn’t work. How can you get the portal to open for both testing and live users?

From there, I would also like to discuss best practices relating to deployment. I am having a lot of trouble understanding how to manage the relationship of the live/test sides of the Bubble app and as well how to manage things like tracking the Stripe unique ID’s for price, customers, subscriptions and coupons in the Stripe API. It would seem that when I do my first live “test” and put a real credit card through, the customer ID would be the live ID. Then once I synch the User DB from Live to Development in bubble, that would prevent me from opening the customer portal in the test mode. I guess that wouldn’t matter too much, but I am just wondering how to find the right methods here. We are so close to deployment, this is one last major step.

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