Issues sending audio recording text to custom chat gpt I made on a page

Hello I am having issues getting the text response of a microphone audio recording input to be submitted to a custom chat gpt that I built onto my page. I have a custom chat gpt I made on my page and I want to be able to talk to this Chat gpt and verbally ask questions. Right now I have a multiline text input where people type out questions to chat gpt and it works fine. I simply put the value of that multiline text input’S VALUE into the body that is being sent to the open ai assistant and it works perfectly as you can see here

However, like i said I want to be able to verbally ask questions so I created this microphone audio recorder that records my words and converts it to text into a text box. However when I go to add that field to be apart of the body that is being sent to open AI, I cannot add the 'S VALUE of the text field. It only allows me to choose the width of it or the height. There is no 'S VALUE option available. Here is a screenshot of it:

Lastly here are some screen shots of the page so that you can see what it looks like and the names of the different fields. Ignore the lousy design and field names as I am just focussing on functionality. Any help on solving this issue would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Save the audio text in a state and input the state text as the workflow text.

I have created a custom state called “theresponse” that saves the results of my open ai speech to text. See here:

However, when I go to add it into the workflow for the body text that is being sent to the AI it does not pop up

Did I do this correctly? Is this what you were talking about?