Issues to Fix List

I find this list to be very helpful. But one not so small peeve is that as I’m scrolling down the list with my mouse (going through and resolving all issues on a particular page, for example), the list continually autoscrolls back to the top. As a result, it’s a game of click the mouse fast enough to get a glimpse of the desired issue.

Is this a bug? Is it due to be fixed?
If not a bug, what am I doing incorrectly? It would be nice to resolve this issue.

Thanks so much.

I’d say your biggest problem is letting your issues build up so your list is something you have to scroll through.

Honestly, genuinely, spend some time fixing them all, it will pay you back later.

Plus the more issues you have the more your editor grinds to a halt.

:open_mouth: well alrighty then. Good talk. I’ll get cracking on the existing issues. :upside_down_face:

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