More editor bugs?

  1. Search stops working after a while.

Search for “uses field”. Comes back as zero. Refresh page and you get all the usages.

  1. Preview doesn’t go to the page the editor is on.

That is JUST the last hour. I have a huge list that I just don’t have time to write up.

Is this because there is a new editor coming out?

I noticed that sometimes in the preview mode margins is not working correctly if there is an action to change it. Without ?debug it’s works fine

I’m averaging about 2 bug reports a day over the past week. I’ve given up reporting each one I encounter, and just hope they will get ironed out.

I’ve had numerous editor bugs the last few weeks - one today I encountered was when I changed an element using the ‘replace by another type’ from a dropdown to a multi dropdown it a ‘need a single item not a list’ error when a list was passed to the default of the multi. This SHOULD be a list on a multi.

Anyway I had to delete the element and do a new multi to have it pick up properly.

Also I have a bug report in for API endpoints set up ‘detect request data’ - when you hit ‘detect data’ to initialise it, the URL comes up as the bubble default domain <> instead of the custom domain root URL so I haven’t been able to set up new webhooks for a few days.

Lots of little fiddly things that I haven’t bothered to report.

Hi @NigelG is this something recently indicated by Bubble?

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