Issues with a list of texts. Need help with "merged with"

I have a list

zzz, xxx, ccc, bbbcccj

How to replace “ccc” value with “aa”?

If I use :find&replace than I would also change “bbbcccj” to “bbbaaj”

would this functionality be enough or is more required?

something else to play around with might be:

Hi, thank you for a nice try, but I think I have a more specific use case in my app. It is very complex. I almost solved it, but I struggle with “:plus item” & “merged with”.

My RG’s source is based on 2 merged lists that are custom states:

I want to change the value in RG’s field that relates to the input with the changed value.

I try to change it by changing a list of custom state “[solution] Input add item’s l_items”.
I change it by assigning a new state:

"items until item#{Current cell’s index - 1 (index in the list of this custom state, not RG’s index)}

(I use “:plus item” there)

“Changed input value”

(I use “:merged with” there)

“items after #{Current cell’s index +1}”

My problem is that I get the wrong result.

For example, If I have:


then instead of “aabbcc” I always get “bbcc”

I don’t know what is the root cause of this issue. I’ve already spent 6+ hours to solve this issue.

I tried to recreate this command " ‘aa’ :plus item ‘bb’ merged with ‘cc’ " on a separate page and it works. It is VERY weird.

I’ve tested it on the page with the bug, and I see that each of the 3 values is correct before merging.

Please, help!

When I put each of 3 items in custome states then it worked.


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Now my 2 lists in RG have a conflict.

UPDATE: fixed

glad it worked for you.
something else I saw in a template was this:

So e.g. in one invisible group you could load your ccc item (through do a search for)

then for the state that is a list of things you use that groups item:converted to list : merged with your other list of things

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