Using ":filter" operator after "merge with" on RG datasource

I’m trying to figure out if using a “:filter” operator after a “merge with” list on an RG datasource, will the filter be applied to the total list, or only to the list added after the “merge with”?

As i understand it probably applies it to the total which is good, but i have a situation where i want to add a :filter only to the list added after the “merge with” operator.

Example: type fruits

This RG should show only “Bananas” only from “Guatemalle” MERGED WITH “Cherry” only from “france”.

And since im not using a “do a search”, i’m rather saying: “dropdown’s” thing’s associated fruits, so i cant use “constraints” i need to use “filters” after the list.

It applies to the “list so far”.

So if you want to filter just the list to the right of a merge, you have to either move that particular search to the left, or find some other way (such as creating the list in a custom state).

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What do u mean “move to the left”? I’m using the “Merged with” as an “OR” operator, if i move the second search to the left of (before) the merge, it will not function as an OR.

I’m trying to display items from 2 lists, each having their own Constraints (filter)

Not sure I follow.

Apple, Banana, Cherry MERGED WITH Apple, Date

Is Apple, Banana, Cherry, Date

as is …

Apple, Date MERGED WITH Apple, Cherry, Banana

Or am I missing something ?

no, say a type called fruits

this RG should show only Bananas only from Guatemalle MERGED WITH Cherry only from france…

Merge combines the lists and removes duplicates. It is commutative.

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So what are you saying, how should i write this expression?

What is the expression ?

see above

Cherry only from france MERGED WITH Bananas only from Guatemalle

Ah, I see, you have filters on BOTH sides !

Yes, and im not using “do a search”, im using “dropdown’s” thing’s associated fruits, so i cant use “constraints” i need to use “filters” after the list

any solution in this case?

I think custom states are the answer here. The rg would have a source that merges two custom states. Those custom states would be updated when their respective value changes.

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but how do i add a constraint for a custom state list?

I was thinking you would update the entire set of values in the custom state, when the dropdown value changes. You basically do the constraint in a workflow.

But what if the list - associated to this dropdown value’s thing - changes, there is no way a custom state can update its list in real time like a RG, right?

Correct, a custom state does not update until you update it. You would need a trigger somewhere.

i guess i’ll use 2 hidden RG’s with its own filters, and reference those lists in the datasource

Is the dropdown country or fruit ?

a third type, which is the father of a list of fruits, parent-children relationship