Issues with Facebook Marketing API

I am working on a web application that programmatically creates Facebook campaigns on behalf of a users business.

I am following the Facebook Marketing API - Get Started documentation to launch a campaign.

However, when I get to Step 4 of the process I am unable to create an AdImage object. This doesn’t allow me to finish the process of creating the entire campaign.

I am getting an error 100 and error sub-code 33 with the message: “Unsupported post request. Object with ID ‘act_xxxxxxxx’ does not exist, cannot be loaded due to missing permissions, or does not support this operation. Please read the Graph API documentation at Graph API - Documentation - Facebook for Developers” and the Type: “GraphMethodException”.

However, this is the same ad account ID I am using to create the campaign and the ad set successfully in previous steps so I’m not sure why it’s saying it doesn’t exist?

The permissions I am requesting for my app are: Email, Page_show_list, ads_management, ads_read, business_management.

and my POST call looks like this:

Any bubblers out there that have worked with the Facebook Marketing API and can help me troubleshoot this?

Did you ever find a solution?

You could have a look at @Pathfix API connector for facebook marketing :slight_smile:

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Thanks @equibodyapp :heart:

Here’s the link to the setup documentation for our Facebook Connector plugin: