Issues with popups loading


I have just launched an app and migrated all of my customer´s data. This is a single page app and is storing a large chunk of data.

However currently the only thing that is very slow in the app is the popup appearance. Everything else is running smoothly but whenever i try to load a popup i have to wait at least 10 seconds to see the popup, is anyone experiencing this?

Even for the most simpler setups like “show popup” the time for the popup to load is big.

For me, everything is freezing and taking too much time to happen :grimacing:


Just curious;

Is your popup a reusable element?
Does it get sent any Data?
Have you checked the workflows for “When Popup Opens” if you have them.

Best advise is to use the Preview debugger’s step by step tool to try and figure out where that bottleneck lies.

Hi i just found the problem

I had 3 zq fuzzy search & autocorret working with a table of 1.5k instances

it slowed down my app, i removed them and the app worked find. i need to find an alternative to fuzzy as i need to be able to search by any string on any field of the data type in the table.

Do you have any suggestions? @ihsanzainal84 @rpetribu

Ah that explains it. ZQ’s Fuzzy search plugin works by loading all the data from the applied Data Source and runs it in client. So it slows down the app when the page loads cause it’s loading all that data.

To use it in scale u have to do some extra work to ensure it doesn’t load things u don’t need.

One of the methods recommended by ZQ is to point the plugin’s Data Source to a list of things you want to search from that’s loaded by a Bubble element (like a popup) or state.

So for example you can create a state that, on page load, will grab the list of things that u want Fuzzy to search from. Then point Fuzzy search’s Data Source to that element.


The custom state workaround solved the loading issue but the general search time is quite poor. i will have to find alternatives. Thanks a lot for the support.

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