Issues with responsive

wow, it’s a shame this responsiveness is so bad, it used to be bad now with this update it’s even worse, complex and boring to handle. I hope they don’t force us in the near future to just use it, it’s taking me a long time to build a small screen. Very bad and very complex, I hope soon we will have an automatic responsiveness like WIX has.

What is it that you are having a difficult time designing?

I find the new responsive to be so much more intuitive and quicker compared to the old system. Everything in life takes practice. And, compared to real programming, you wouldn’t just say, “idk why it doesn’t write the code for me”.

Have you checked out any of the 100’s of resources available already on the new responsive? Have you tried learning it? Or did you take one look and said I can’t do it.

YouTube, this forum, buildcamp, coaching no code, madewithframes, etc. so many at your disposal.


This might be the best tutorial on the new responsive engine so far. Shout out to @MattN .

If you decide to watch it and put its teachings to use … please let us know if you changed your mind :smiley:

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It will indeed become the only option for new Bubble pages in the very near future. I will grant you that aspects of the UI leave a bit to be desired, but it’s really nowhere near as daunting as it might seem initially.

As already stated, there are lots of resources out there. But why not start with Bubble’s own documentation.