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New Responsive Editor is Incredible Frustrating!

Hi all,

What are your thoughts on the new Bubble’s responsive engine?

Thank you.


I launched very excited about the new editor, but the longer it goes on the more frustrated I get. Some things actually get easier, but I feel like there are a lot of bags. A while ago something happened about the icons stopped running the workflow. Clicking on a button works and an icon does not :slight_smile:

Plenty of thoughts here…

New Responsive Engine [beta] is Live! - Announcements - Bubble Forum

I agree, I feel like it’s even worse than before :confused:

The UI is absolutely not intuitive and the responsiveness on Bubble is still way too hard to grasp. I watched the new tutorial before and I find it confusing…

Why not experiencing a different design tool à la Carrd ( It’s very intuitive and practical, especially when you’re a no coder!

Bubble is a very powerful tool when it comes to building apps, but I think design is preventing many of us to launch :worried:

I love it.

I’m redesigning from the ground up.

I can use most of my old element styles, Clean them up from when I was learning and just copy and paste.

There are a lot of bugs to be fair, but it’s a Beta. Don’t use it if you’re not sure but I’d highly recommend you taking the time to learn it :slight_smile:

If bubble give responsive features like webflow, nobody can stop bubble in my opinion.Because,rest of the features are amazing in bubble.

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I thought it was a nightmare. I invested 3 full days updating a massive app. Now it’s second nature and I love it. You need to understand it and yes Bubble needs to add more features, for example selecting more elements and do a lot af adjustments at once.


I really love it.