Issues with signing up Different User Types

In this video above of Echo Lake Technologies (ELT) by 3 min. and 50 sec. I am stuck. Because by the data to send: ELT fills in, “current user”, which is turning blue in the video. But if I select: “current user” it stays red all the time. I have tried everything but no succes. What am I doing wrong?

Till here I have followed all the steps as mentioned in the video.

Hi frank1,

hope i understand correctly: you are trying to put something into a workflow and it isnt blue? Normally you can see top middle right in the editor how many open issues you have and click to see the error message why.

I suspect: if you go to that page called student, its datatype must be user

only if the group/page/repeating group has same datatype as in the workflow it is blue.

hope this helps

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Hi TipLister,

If you pauze the video exactly at 3.50. You will see that by Data to send: current user is blue. Only if I do it current user is always red. And I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

All the best,


Btw Data to send: what do they mean with it.?