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Current user or current page user details not getting

Hai guyz,
i have query regarding current user and current page user.
The page name is profile and Type of content is User,but im not getting details of Current user or current page user.

i have given both the development side and UI side snips of the app,can anyone help me with this.

Well, for current page user, you’ll need to navigate to that page while sending user type data.

srry i didnt understand, as im new to bubble im slowly picking up all things.

I’d recommend going through some of the Bubble tutorials if you haven’t already. This will be a basic concept of working with data in Bubble.

Differences in these: The current page user is the one specified by workflows or other means when navigating to that page. Whereas the current user is the user that is logged in.

i had gone through some vedios,infact im doing this app from a youtube vedio tutorial they are also just doing like this ,just mentioning the current page user’s name from inserting dynamic data
.As i do same as them but the data is not visible.

Not sure what tutorial you’re referring to, but if you have everything set up correctly then check your privacy rules?

Hi @hrithwik.s , While navigating to the profile page you need to send the data of the current user to your page then the profile page will show the data.
Just you have to play with the data.

Hope it works.

hi ,

this is the first page when the user clicks “view” link it should go to this page

then you can see the submitted by (actually i have given like submitted by
(you can see in the below image)

So as you can see the submitted by then it is blank the creaters name is blank.then when the user clicks that it will go to the profile page as shown in above.
So can you please guide me to how to do that.

when you click on it

set go to page profile page
→ in data to send “current page recipe creator”