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Issues with Xano and Bubble API

Hello, I am not sure what I’m missing here. I am trying to execute the signup auth API which will send sign up details from bubble to Xano.

I followed the instruction for setting up the signup auth api pedantically here - Login and sign up with Xano + Bubble - YouTube , and have managed to establish the call from bubble to Xano successfully (result - an Auth Token is created for that user).

The final step in this process is imbedding the API in my sign up workflow, which I have managed to do. However, when the button responsible for triggering the sign up api is clicked, I receive this error message:

Temporary error connecting to Auth/Signup - Auth/Signup (raw message: {“message”:“Error parsing JSON: Syntax error\n\n{\n \u0022password\u0022: \u0022909090\u0022,\n \u0022Company_Name\u0022: \u0022Great man ltd\u0022,\n \u0022Company_Phone\u0022: \u00226000000000\u0022,\n \u0022Company_Email\u0022: \[email protected]\u0022,\n \u0022Personal_Email\u0022: \[email protected]\u0022,\n \u0022Rep_Mobile_Phone\u0022: \u00226000000000\u0022,\n \u0022Number_of_Sales_Reps\u0022: 6-10,\n \u0022Lending_Verticals\u0022: Real Estate Finance,\n \u0022Company_Zip_Code\u0022: \u00226000\u0022,\n \u0022Full_Name\u0022: \u0022Great man\u0022,\n \u0022Monthly_Funding_Volume\u0022: null,\n \u0022Industry\u0022: Construction\n}”})

My API set-up

Imbedded in my workflow:

Has anyone who used Xano come across this error message before?

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Hi there, 2 things:

1- You should hide that endpoint, In suggest you to copy it and replace it once it is working.
2- I can’t se your whole JSON call, but it looks like you forgot to add the semicolons to the last string as shown in the following image

Hope it helps.

Edit: Just noticed that there are other parameters as well that are missing them, like “Real state finance”.

Hi mate,

Thanks for jumping on this.

The last string which you have highlighted is actually from a dropdown selection built into the user interface, so not sure If that should create the error message - seeing as the json body “” is dynamic, also is the “<lending_verticals>” field.

I highlighted in the image that the “” are not being attached for the value of the key “Industry”, same with “Lending_Verticals”. Take into account that the encoding \u0022 = " , so you can see in the error message that your JSON is missing some “” in the parameters being sent :wink: