Jason api connect to whmcs

I need help developing or if someone could develop a json api i contacted bubbles support team and this is what they said Thanks for reaching out! You can use our API Connector plugin to accomplish your setup; the plugin lets you connect to any service that exposes a JSON-based, RESTful web API. You can use this to add API calls to fetch data from an external service, or post data to trigger some actions on the service’s end. so if anyone can help with this i would appreciate it

What service do you want integrate in your project?

so i am trying to connect whmcs to bubble to make it so when someone orders one of my app designs thy can fill out some infrmation i need on whmcs and then it will transfer that info in to the bubble app by itself

You have to add the plugin API connector in your bubble project and follow the instructions of connection provides by whmcs


ok thank you i will look into it could you possibly help show how to set it up