{New Plugin] Plugin to send WhatsApp from bubble.io

[[New Plugin]] Plugin to send WhatsApp from bubble.io, connect your device to the waflow application, enter the API keys in the bubble plugin waflow and that’s it!! You can now send WhatsApp manually or automatically in workflow

Send and receive messages via WhatsApp from your BubbleApp.
API service available 24 hours a day.

Manage and configure your numbers (or those of your clients) in our panel or in your own app using our plugin.

With this plugin you can integrate your application with our service in just a few minutes.
Free Version available
Registration in service at: https://waflow.apppro.es/

All calls are served via TLS (https), reliability and security for your applications.

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  1. Create your account at:

  2. First tap Connect your WhatsApp device, go to add device, read the QR code and wait for your service to configure automatically. Then write down your credentials to make calls through the API.

  3. create App with the linked device, add a name and in webhook we will indicate this url https://webhook.site/67hvobEqof48omrXnHAxfa6uTVS8WdwackAB67DT6O0d9EbToJ

  4. Download and install this plugin for FREE.

  5. copy key and authkey from Waflow platform and paste in plugin configuration in bubble.

  6. Add your preferred call to your workflows (for example: Send Custom Whatsapp - Send Text Message), fill in your credentials.

  7. Ready, you can now send and receive WhatsApp messages directly from your bubble application