Javascript data as a table/repeating group

I was wondering how to show JavaScript data as a table/repeating group in Bubble. The trouble is my dev guy doesn’t speak Bubble and I don’t speak JavaScript.

Here’s what he said: All the data we want to show are tables, that is array of arrays (rows/columns).

For example:
[“Item name”, “Value x”, “Value y”],
[“Item I”, 1, 2],
[“Item II”, 1, 2],

The JS is hosted on a CDN and uses ES modules (export function generateTable (i) {…}), so somewhere I need to put:

I’m trying to work out what the best way of integrating the JS is?

  1. Does Bubble have a JS API so we. could do something like constructBubbleTable(data)?

  2. Is there a plugin that can take a JS table and display it?

  3. I have seen the toolbox-example from Pass data from bubble into JavaScript This would be my least favourite approach as it requires quite a lot of work and we have a lot of tables.

What is the best approach for this?

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