Javascript Help!

Good morning everyone.

Hopefully some bright spark out there can help me progress on my application!

I am looking to have an image from a previous page brought through and effectively placed on a canvas in which users can then add items to.

My issue comes in in the next stage. On the previous image uploader elements, regardless of how big the image is, it stays within the container. That isn’t happening on the final step. It wants to make the area as big as the image itself. I also seem to be able to bring the image sizes through but the actual image itself isn’t there yet. I feel I have set it as the source element in this script (attached), FYI I have tried to take this script from somewhere else so not certain if I have got it correct yet.

I am not certain which screens are helpful to see at this point so if anyone can point me in the right direction then that would be amazing!



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