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Hello guys, again,

I have a question regarding the toolbox plugin to run javascript in workflows. I have a form where my employees will fill out what time they started and what time they ended a job. Example from 9am to 1pm. On my old website (wordpress) i had a javascript script that would then take those times and i made a math equation to calculate the time they worked. The time in/out fields are 3 seperate dropdowns, one for hour, one for minute and one for AM/PM. This is what worked for me on wordpress. Then the equation would do the math to figure out how many minutes apart each time is. How can i use this for

How can i write into an input using javascript to save this calculation as part of a thing. and below i posted a snippet of the code, just to make sure this will work with

$hourin = $_POST[‘item_meta’][597];
$hourout = $_POST[‘item_meta’][600];
$minin = $_POST[‘item_meta’][598];
$minout = $_POST[‘item_meta’][601];
$ampmin = $_POST[‘item_meta’][599];
$ampmout = $_POST[‘item_meta’][602];
$break = $_POST[‘item_meta’][567];

if (($ampmin==AM) and ($ampmout==PM)) { //converting time difference if start - end is AM - PM
$t1 = ($hourin * 60) + $minin;
if ($hourout==12){
$t2 = ($hourout * 60) + $minout;
} else {
$t2 = (($hourout + 12) * 60) + $minout;}
$t3 = $t2 - $t1;
$t4 = floor($t3 / 60);
$t5 = $t3 - ($t4 * 60);

the $_POST[‘item_meta’][597]; is how i would get the user input for the dropdowns on my other form program (formidable forms). im assuming with bubble i can use something like $hourin = start hour’s value; using the dynamic datas.

Its ok. i was able to do a workaround to calculate time used between two different times. using a series of inputs and math expressions from the toolbox plugin. Thanks

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