Javascript to Bubble Not Publishing Input Values

Hey everyone. I’m having trouble getting the JS to Bubble element to pass the HTML input’s text. Here’s the markup.

Then a Javascript to Bubble element

Javascript is triggered through a workflow as it should, but it’s not getting any of the text from the input. And just to clear any confusion, I can’t use an input element for my particular case because you can only run workflows when the value is changed.

I’m sure it’s something simple. Thanks in advance.

I think more information is needed. Would you mind also showing your workflows?

Yes, you can just use the regular input bubble provides and it’ll be easier.

First enable this setting Expose the option to add an ID attribute to HTML elements

Then add your code snippet with the event listener in a script tag in the page html header of the page.

But i don’t understand, keycode 13 is just enter. Why do you want to bind that event?

bubble_fn_changename ("You text here");

@ada @Kayami @rpetribu Thanks for trying to help me out. I decided to take a different approach. For now at least. I’ll come back to this is if it becomes necessary.