"javascript to bubble plug in" does not return variables to the database

Hello guys, I have a problem with the JavaScript to bubble element and I’ll greatly appreciate if anyone helps me.

I am building a qr reader using custom JavaScript. When a qr code is read, I need it’s value stored to the database but It’s unable to do that currently. I’m not sure what the problem is. The JavaScript code works and I’m able to display the code but I can’t save it to the database with the “JavaScript to bubble event” action

Attached are the screenshots:

The first image shows the code that is to run so that the qr code can be scanned.

The second is the HTML video element that will run the qr code. I gave a “preview” I’d.

The last image is the screenshot of a scanned qr code. The code is working but I have a problems saving it to the database.


You don’t seem to be using the JavaScript to Bubble element. Here’s how that works:

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your help. I’ve checked out the video and did as they they explained but couldn’t the problem.

Here’s the javascript to bubble element