Javascript to Bubble values are empty

I am learning to use the Javascript toolbox. I have followed a simple video tutorial and created a button that when clicked triggers the following simple javascript…

The array is output to the console…

I am then trying to return that array to bubble and have the following Javascript to bubble on my UI

But at this point, I am getting stuck and the values of my Javascript to Bubble are empty as shown in the Debugger…

I have followed the tutorial to the letter and no matter what I try, I can not get any values in the Javascript to bubble.

Can anybody tell me what I am missing or doing wrong?

Is the associated event firing?

I have not created an event yet. I am trying to duplicate the first half of this video (no events created yet)

video on using Javascript Toolbox

and just returning an array from javascript to Bubble.

I will have look at a events though and see if that helps.

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Thanks for your help. I created an associate event and it does trigger, but unfortunately it just processes the empty values.

I managed to solve the issue…

  1. I had the JS to bubble in a repeating group. I had to move it out of the repeating group and put it on the page.

  2. Once the JS to bubble was out of the repeating group, in order to get values passed to the JS to bubble I needed to have ‘Publish value’ ticked. If I had only ‘Trigger event’ ticked, the values in the JS to bubble would be empty. To trigger an event, I needed both ‘Publish value’ and ‘trigger event’ boxes ticked.